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    What distinguishes Royal Döner as the largest producer and distributor of kebab skewers in Switzerland?

    Royal Döner has achieved its position as a market leader through continuous growth and high customer demand. The company places great emphasis on quality assurance, gentle preparation, and sustainable production.

    What support does Royal Döner offer to new business owners when opening a doner place?

    Royal Döner provides all the components necessary for setting up your doner restaurant. This includes complimentary gastro-grilling equipment, knives, and heat containers. Additionally, the company offers training for sales staff, expertise in advertising, sales support, and a strong partnership.

    What quality standards and control systems does Royal Döner employ to ensure food hygiene?

    Royal Döner adheres to the internationally recognized HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and the ‘General Principles of Food Hygiene.’ This control system is implemented in all production processes to ensure safe and high-quality production, storage, and delivery of food.

    Where does Royal Döner source its ingredients, and how does the company ensure that only high-quality raw materials are used?

    Royal Döner exclusively sources its raw materials from producers with a quality guarantee. A meticulous selection of suppliers, strict supplier agreements, and consistent incoming goods inspections ensure that only the best quality raw materials are used in production.

    Holzwingertstrasse 44, 8409 Winterthur, Switzerland

    We take pride in coordinating our production and distribution of high-quality kebab skewers and other convenience and complementary products from this central location.

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